People Finder Solutions (PFS) 2018-01-11T09:45:30-07:00

Locating Pre-Escheated Property Owners

PFG’s People Finder Solutions (PFS) is a new sophisticated electronic search solution that allows businesses to locate pre-escheated property owners and or beneficiaries.

Our PFS is a cloud-based proprietary platform that provides a secure and efficient process for our users to locate and contact past clients, partners, vendors, and individuals. This vital contact information will lower the transactional cost and reduces the risk of audits and penalties by minimalizing the number of escheatable items while maximizing the value returned to the owner.

Building on PFG’s experience in the unclaimed property industry our newest business solution PFS can assist your business by saving valuable company time and resources. PFS is available through our licensed software agreement or utilize, PFG’s team of locations specialists assist in reuniting your business with your property owners.

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