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Corporate and Individual Asset Recovery

PFG’s Property Locator Solutions (PLS) is our asset recovery division, which utilizes a comprehensive approach to researching, identifying and recovering unclaimed property belonging to both businesses and individuals.

PFG’s research team can uncover hard to find funds, belonging to our clients, being held by various government agencies. Our PLS will perform detailed analysis utilizing newly acquired data comprised of sources from Federal, State, City, County and other public records available.

As we identified assets, PFG’s recovery team works with your business or individuals to guarantee the highest quality of research and claims management to ensure maximum net recovery. PFG manages the collections process by preparing the required documentation and the claims forms necessary to recover the funds. Our team keeps our clients informed, updated and “in the know” by monitoring the claims process and forecasting when the new financial assets will be available.

PFG has an excellent proven success rate in recovering unclaimed property to our clients. Our ten years of experience, comprehensive business solutions, knowledge of the industry, advanced technology, and contacts with administrators is what sets PFG above the competition.

Interested in learning more about our Property Locators Solutions? Request an analysis to see what money may belong to your or your company.

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